Ladies Fashion India

ladies fashion india

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ladies fashion india - Kurti Womens

Kurti Womens Tunic Top Clothing in India Ladies Casual Fashion Size M (ctop440)

Kurti Womens Tunic Top Clothing in India Ladies Casual Fashion Size M (ctop440)

Women's top blouse from ShalinCraft is blissfully comfortable for summer. These chikan embroidered top blouse for women are made in extremely light cotton fabric. The special style embroidery on these blouse tops is called "chikan", developed in the 16th century in the courts of muslim kings in north India. The popularity of Chikan embroidered blouse tops never seems to wane. Wear these blouse tops outdoors in summer and you can relax in total comfort. They go well with trousers as well as skirts. Chikan Embroidery has patterns of different designs stitched using untwisted white cotton or silk (or rayon) threads on the surface of the fabric. In Chikan work, there is a fixed repertoire of stitches and it is usual for several types of stitches to appear on the same piece of embroidery. The different types of Chikan work done today are Taipchi, Bakhia, Phunda, Murri, Jaali, Hathkati, Pechni, Ghas Patti, Chaana Patti etc. Chikan embroidery is a very laborious and time consuming task.

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Mrs Clifford

Mrs Clifford

I am not at all sure who this very serious lady was. Her photo is in Col FAV Thurburn's photo album. I think she was in India but she may not be. One of Col Thurburn's children was given the name Clifford as a second christian name so there must have been a connection between the two families.



Evento Realizado no Forte de Copacabana.

ladies fashion india

ladies fashion india

1862 Testimonial Waugh India Paris Fashions Ladies

Old Antique Historical Victorian Prints Maps and Historic Fine Art----------. 1862 Testimonial Waugh India Paris Fashions Ladies A Page Of Victorian Social History From . Wood Engravings From One Of The Following . The Graphic, Or . The Illustrated London News, Or . The Illustrated News Of The World Or . Other News. . Would Make An Ideal Gift . The Actual Date Is Printed On Each Page. . This Print Is Over 80 Years Old, And Is Not A Modern Copy.. There Is A Fold Which Sometimes Shows As A Shadow On The Image, This Will Not Show When Framed. Check The Image For Details.. Size Of Print Is Approx 12;" X 11" (215 X 280Mm) . Approx. Page Size = 11" X 16" (280 X 405Mm) . Ready To Matt And Frame. These Old Prints Really Look Great With Matt And Framed. . Note This Print Is From A Periodical And Has Printing On Reverse.. Scanned At A Low Resolution For Quick Uploading So The Actual Picture Is Better Than The Scanned Image. .

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