Fashion Clothes For Work

fashion clothes for work

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fashion clothes for work - Sewing Outdoor

Sewing Outdoor Gear: Easy Techniques for Outerwear that Works

Sewing Outdoor Gear: Easy Techniques for Outerwear that Works

How to keep warm, dry -- and stylish -- in any weather? This practical and innovative sewing book is the place to start. Expert author Rochelle Harper takes a comprehensive look at sewing all kinds of outerwear -- whether for sports and play or simply for defying the elements. The book will help the reader make sense of the wide range of fabrics available, including Goretex "TM" and Polarfleece "TM". Sewers will discover techniques for creating professional-looking garments designed for the great outdoors.
-- The first book on the specialized topic of sewing outerwear.
-- Includes more than 200 color photographs and 96 drawings.
-- Information is accessible to sewers at all skill levels.

The tricky finishing details and specialized fabric requirements needed for most outerwear can scare off even experienced sewers, but as Sewing Outdoor Gear beautifully demonstrates, these garments needn't intimidate. Rochelle Harper, who has designed outerwear for several major manufacturers, carefully leads us step by step through all the basics of making jackets, coats, parkas, and pants from various fabrics, including nylon, polyester, microfiber, cotton, knits, and fleece. Excellent diagrams document features such as layering garments for Alpine skiing, high aerobic activities, and creative street wear. Harper's instructions are more general than project-specific, but they are so thorough and her designs so classy that even nonathletic types may want these clothes in their wardrobes. --Amy Handy

75% (5)



Feb 20, 2010, CSUDH 4th Annual Fashion Show, Pan African Union and Motif Entertainment Presents, Judged Modeling Contest, Runway Modeled in for designers of Dash-Dash Appeal, Ultra Coolio, Greeks: Alphas AKA Kappas Omegas Deltas Zetas SGRho Lotas, Sigma Lambda Gamma Sigma Lambda Beta, J. Will, Candy Coated Swimwear, Brittanai B Nikki Harris Illest Brand, Jriaan Fashion with Judges Adeja Allen, Sandy, Afiong, Crystal Nicole with Host Juan Young, with Makeup by Cerritos Beauty College Teachers and Students at CSUDH Loker Student Union Ballroom, with association support by Multicultural Center at CSUDH and CSUDH Theatre department, Joy Masha (Producer/Director), Khaleah Bradshaw (Asst Director), Joyce Auvele (Stage Production & Manager), Keyoshia Ray (Media Relations/Motif Ent), Daphne Brooks (Co-Chief/Motif Ent), PAU Members, AFS Students (African Studies) with performance by DeTea Ft. A.D. and Overdose.

spring-summer 08 – WORK

spring-summer 08 – WORK

Let’s start with clothes for work. It can seem like the least exciting category but it’s really important. Work clothes don’t have to be boring and the better you feel the better your day will go. So these first 3 picks are more conservative. There’s a lot of brown/neutral tones but imagine adding your own pop of color with your favorite accessory. What’s great about these pieces is that they look really comfortable yet put-together. It’s corporate yet feminine, the perfect combination.

fashion clothes for work

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